Xpedite Africa is a vendor agnostic LTE provider, which allows us to offer our clients access to an expansive ever-growing national mobile footprint. In today’s fast-paced technological world staying connected is business critical. Xpedite LTE makes this possible, without traditional internet connectivity delays.

LTE is widely available in South Africa, it is quick to deploy and has decreased the necessity to install the traditional external radio antennas associated with microwave – all of these reasons make LTE a great solution for your business. LTE can now be used as a reliable primary internet connection or as a backup solution should your existing medium experience a failure.

Expedite Africa offers broadband Layer 3 internet breakout services which include dual mobile provider redundancy, automated failover, and uptime of over 99.5%, even in remote/rural locations. Our specialist technicians perform each install to the highest quality, ensuring we get optimal service, so each link operates at its peak performance.

Our solutions have been customized to afford our clients a variety of choice. We are flexible in our approach and our network architects can design a bespoke solution if our current services do not meet your needs.